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Gospel Reflections

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Sunday Gospel Reflections

3rd Sunday of Advent

Luke 3:10-18

Sunday Gospel Reflections by Sister Maura McMenamin

Published: December 16 2012

Read Luke 3:10-18

The crowds asked John the Baptist, "What should we do?" He said to them in reply, "Whoever has two cloaks should share with the person who has none. And whoever... Read More

Meet Sister Maura McMenamin

Sister Maura, who was born in Scotland, spent most of her religious life in the south of England. For many years she was a primary... Read More

In this Year of Faith, perhaps the challenging question, in this passage, “What shall we do?” takes on a special significance.

The crowds, tax-collectors and soldiers all asked John the same question, “What shall we do?” So, perhaps I need to ask the question within the context of my life in today’s world and who I am to others.

I am invited to personalise my love, compassion and forgiveness by the joyful way I relate to others and so mediate Christ’s love, compassion and forgiveness. This raises further questions.

Do I dialogue joyfully with other Catholics, other Christians and people of other Faiths in a way which does nor pressurise or coerce them? Do I speak in the language of compassion and peace in a way that they understand? Indeed what about those who do not meet the official criterion of what is expected of a member of the Church. We are all on a journey in faith –some a long way on, others barely started. My challenge remains “what shall we (I) do” and will I allow the principle of dialogue to inform all my relationships? This will not only respond to the challenge of “What shall we do?” but also enable me to respond to the challenge of the Year of Faith to share the riches of life in Christ. I will find myself shouting for joy like the daughter of Zion in the first reading and responding to Paul’s request in the second reading: “to be happy, always happy in the Lord”.

This Sunday is all about sharing the Spirit of joy with others. Is my heart turned towards God in the other (just like Julie’s sunflower) and is therefore so full of compassion, forgiveness and love and joy?

Lord Jesus,

“In this Year of Faith may the Holy Spirit strengthen our faith
And inspire us with words and deeds
that, by our efforts,
The men and women of our time
Will hear You,
Will believe in You

And will come to the beauty of knowing of knowing You.
And inspire is with words and deeds
That, by our efforts,
The men and women of our time
Will hear you,
Will believe in you
And will come to the beauty of knowing You. ”

From the Year of Faith Prayer


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