Affordable Health Care for Survival: SNDdeN Medical Centre

Oct 5, 2022 | News & Events

Sisters Anthonia Uwakwe and Mary Bernadette Eboh (center) value the expertise of their Co-Workers: doctor, nurses, mid-wives and technicians at Notre Dame Medical Centre, Amoyo.

By Sr. Mary Bernadette Eboh, SND

Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur in the Nigeria Province own and manage Notre Dame Medical Centre, Amoyo. With the intention of bringing God’s goodness into the lives of the people on the outskirts of Ilorin Diocese in Kwara State, the Sisters opened the Centre in 2007 by making health care services accessible and affordable for the local people in this remote part of Amoyo Local Government Area.

We reach out to the indigenous community who are predominately Muslims, peasant farmers and petty traders. There is now a growing population of settlers in the area. Most of the already indigent natives have been made poorer by the COVID–19 pandemic. We treat in-patients and out-patients with health care for pre-natal, natal, post-natal care, including Caesarean sections, child welfare, immunization, surgeries, investigations and testing.

For some time, the Medical Centre established a programme for Orphans and Vulnerable People (OVP) to assist people living in poverty. There are sixty families who qualify under this category. They receive free medical treatment for whatever condition they may have – malaria, typhoid, gastro- enteritis, etc. Sometimes, we buy food for those some who come suffering from hunger. At other times, we pay medical bills for those who cannot afford to pay for all their medical treatment. We also support the hospital by soliciting funding from the rich among us to offset medical bills for the most vulnerable. With the high cost of drugs in the markets due to rising inflation rates, we help fewer persons with medications.

The Medical Centre has treated over 396 minor and major cases. We give great care and devotion to pregnant mothers. Many babies have been delivered at the Centre. In fact, during the entire 2021, there were about 25 normal deliveries, excluding Caesarean surgeries. To keep up with the babies born at our Centre, we have a Christmas party for the children and vulnerable persons. During the celebration, a fun time for the children, we give them used clothing, food stuffs and cash donated by some good Samaritans. We also buy gifts for all the children born at the Centre at Christmas.

Co-Workers in the Neonatal Unit give good care to mothers and newborns.

Staff at Notre Dame Medical Centre

Sr. Mary Bernadette Eboh, SNDdeN is the Administrator of the Medical Centre; she is also staff Nurse/Midwife and the Matron. Sr. Eugenia Osueke, SNDdeN is a Laboratory Technician and Head of the Department. Sr. Anthonia Uwakwe, SNDdeN is a Senior Community Health Extension Worker at the Centre. Doctor Oginni Temitayo Michael is the Resident Doctor.

We have four Community Health Extension Workers, two Auxiliary Nurses, a Record Keeper, a Gardener and a Security Guard. With this staff, we are able to bring to the door steps of the people our health care services through visitation and outreach. Every morning in our prayers, we bring our staff, patients and everyone to God through our moral instructions and St. Julie’s spirituality. The goodness of God is real among us.

Sr. Mary Bernadette Eboh loves her ministry as Administrator and Nurse.

New Surgery Theatre an Upgraded Laboratory

In recent years, the Province Leadership Team built a new surgery theatre and extra wards to accommodate the needs of the Centre. Performing surgeries at the Centre was a great challenge because of the small surgery theatre. As we continue to raise funds to equip the theatre maximally for surgeries, we are happy that the theatre will be a great help to all those who have surgical needs within and outside the Medical Centre. Some surgeries are: caesarean sections, myomectomy, appendectomy, hypertrophy and hysterectomy.

The Medical Centre has an upgraded Laboratory department now for running multiple different tests such as genotype, serology, urinalysis, malaria parasites, full blood count, hepatitis, HIV, white blood cell count, etc. Having a functional lab with daily operation is good news for the Centre.

Sr. Eugenia Osueke is a skilled Laboratory Technician, heading the Department.

The people in Amoyo recognize the Ministry Grant Funding from the SNDdeN Congregational Mission Office in Ipswich, MA, USA which helps our Medical Centre to give affordable health care. Financial Resources given by generous donors enable the effectiveness of this funding. Ministry Grants awarded to the Centre offset some of these invoices and contribute to the survival of people in the area. The goodness of God is real among us, our donors and good Samaritans.