Oct 10, 2022 | News & Events

By Sr. Juliana Khaisia, SNDdeN

Sr. Juliana khaisia, SNDdeN

Economy of Francesco is an international movement that advocates for an economy that is inclusive of all regardless of our economic status thus enabling all humanity to have enough for all to have a good life. For us to achieve an economy that is life giving and to avoid the one that is life killing, we need ambassadors to help carry out this mission. Hence the call by Pope Francis to Young people for 2022 event at Assisi as they are the key change makers in the society. “If you want to change anything, engage the young people who are more creative, knowledgeable and courageous to try new things” As shared by Pope Francis during the meeting 2022.

The Economy of Francesco, takes its inspiration from both St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare and Pope Francis. The meeting was built on Laudato Si’ and the Fratelli Tutti call. The message of Hope and Change: Take care of the Mother Earth now as the future is here and now in the spirit of fraternity. The Young people are called to be stewards of the common resources, to be reformers of our dying economy that supports those who have, education for development, and respect for all in the eyes of human right and to foster sustainable relationships within our environment. The change is now, not in past nor the in future. We need to continue doing what we are already doing but we need to stop and look on how we can do the same things but in a more special way in a more unique way. We have a call to look at the economy with the eye of the poorest person in the society.

The Economy of Francisco calls each one of us to listen to the cry of the earth and the poor, it is foundational for us to make changes as we deal with community empowerment. We are the fuel for this if we adopt a simple lifestyle. Such is also one of our calls as Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Inspired by education and spiritual growth of our sisters and those living in poverty. All our efforts are initiatives to truly live Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti real in our society. We are called to respond to the cry of the poor, respond to the cry of earth through education for all that supports live as encouraged by the calls of our 18th chapter: we are called to continue to till the ground of the liberating mission of education in all its forms. We the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur we have committed ourselves to the call of the Economy of Francesco as our main charism witnessed in our various ministries and community living.


As women, both laity and religious, we are called to remain committed in all we do in our daily life. What motivates you and me to go for the ministry every day? If its material gain, then we are lost. The Economy of Francisco calls all women in the society to work for the happiness of everyone. The work or service done by women cannot be quantified hence let our main goal be joy and happiness. We are called to establish working structures that support life, the structures that are inclusive. This will help mothers to report to work on time as well as take care of their motherly responsibility. The call to learn from the plants as they are able to support each other in silence. Both in the society and in our communities we are called to establish sustainable relationships. Human relationships are key. Let us learn to appreciate each other’s small efforts as tacit knowledge is key in for any change.

We are called to see problems as solutions while, constraints are challenges that can be solved through team work. Therefore, one individual cannot bring about change but it’s a group work responsibility. As women, we are called to go for the opportunities available in the society. We need to look into structural inequalities and embrace inclusivity, advocate for work as well as motherhood, appreciate the value of technology in the society and be part of it. We need to work for the safety of our sisters and those entrusted to us by God especially in vulnerable areas. We must work on our mind-sets as this will help us (women) to see possibilities of change which are crucial if we are to break the cultural prisons that hinder us from contributing to the economy that gives life.

Sr. Juliana Khaisia, SNDdeN at the conference


Look into culture and political revolution. It is time to realize our potentiality. Let us go for it as the change is now! Mother Francoise encourages us, not to be afraid as the good God will be with us since we are doing His will for His own Glory that is making us to carry out what we do not want (L.45). Education is a key for any change. All women need to be educated at all levels. Education is a fuel for economic development. We need to train in areas that will help in promoting life.

There is a need to care for the poor as Poverty is not by choice. My life/ your life is a house of the future and of development of life giving economy. Let us continue dreaming even though in the darkness, one day, the morning will come. For any change to happen, each one of us is called to repair his/her house before going to repair a friend’s house and then the economy at large. We are called to listen and dialogue with each other for better decisions for a better home for all. In the eye of our 18th General Chapter calls, the Economy of Francesco calls us to sow across the world a new seed of hope and unity which is inclusive and promotes a sense of belonging regardless of economic status, a special invitation, welcome and dialogue with all in decision making and that fosters collaboration for mission with others in the society.


Pope Francis trusts in each of us for the change from a killing economy to a life giving economy. This is a special call to young people. The future is now! Let us repair our house now and let us not think of the past or the future. Doing it now will help foster a life giving economy tomorrow. You and I, we are the economy of hope and life for many. Let us play our parts accordingly as change is here now. The changes come through young people as evidenced in the Holy Scriptures, hence there is a need to listen to the young people and direct them accordingly. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur we are called to water with care and loving challenge, the new growth and deep roots among us, in every season of our life hence enhancing continuity of economy that supports life both in and out of the congregation.

We are invited and called to feel what we are doing and think what we feel. Engaging in a dialogue with a discerning heart and spirit hence bring a soul to economy. A better world must be built with a better economy which works for, justice, equality and inclusivity, respect for all, collaboration, dialogue and opportunity for all. As the family of Notre Dame de Namur, our constitutions 100 invites us to continue fighting for human rights, peace and injustice and human dignity in our different capacities as invited by our Constitutions; Government (100). Human rights must be respect and implemented equally as we are the same before our maker. The needs may differ but let us be responsible for a just economy that is not built on financial status of an individual. Environmental, social, and economic sustainability must be supported globally Quality education in every country is key as it is a yeast for the development of an economy.


Different members shared their experiences and their efforts in trying to get solution to the challenges at was at hand. Through teamwork, they were able to convert the problems into solutions. My problems will remain mine and unsolved if I decided to own it and keep it for myself. I came to realize the significant of team work not only at personal level but at other different levels: Ministry and at congregational level. I have come to realization that human family we are faced with similar challenges and a solution to it from one point helps to improve the life of others in another different part of this world. For instance, when I work for just economic system in my village, am contributing to the larger economy that promotes life.

Being young, I can help a lot to help improve the life of others. My service I may undermine it but if I do it well and accordingly, I am able to bring change in the society. Am able to bring a soul in the economy by touching hearts of those am serving, as an educator, I am able to teach minds where-by am able to help people and especially young people to change their minds and try to see same orderly things with a different angle hence bringing about change. This will help me to promote an economy that is life giving hence transforming the society at large.

The change is now and here and not tomorrow or in the future. I have a responsibility to work for a positive change now for the future. I have come to believe in myself and in all that I do by feeling what I am doing and thinking about it in the spirit of discernment. Through me and other young people in the society, God’s goodness is manifested in our small contributions to the society. I have learnt to value the small things I do and learn how to do them in a more special and unique way for the glory of all. Personally, I believe in working on oneself before focusing on my neighbors at the next door. Hence I felt encouraged to continue repairing my own house now and here before going to repair my sister’s house. The Holy Scripture they do call me to remove the lodge in my eyes to be able to see and remove the one in my friend’s eyes.

Member’s sharing I came to discover that there is a lot to be done to help change the killing structures in the society into life giving structures. When I fail to carry out my responsibilities, I am contributing to this killing economy. I felt inspired to value all the things I do and trust that God will strengthen me always. There are some sources that will support my ministry but not genuinely as they are wearing masks. For example, some members financed the Economy of Francesco but they were only hiding. Their main aim is to support continues of the killing structures from inside the cycle. I need to be very careful on who is working with me and the motives.

Srs. Mary Pabor, SNDdeN and Juliana Khaisia, SNDdeN


At the university, I have been a leader in different capacity. This made me feel happy as I was able to work on some unjust structures at the university. Now I feel I can still do more in my small capacity and under direction where needed. The group was purely of young people and through sharing, I was inspired to be ready to take risks. As our mother Julie has encouraged me to always have courage to trust in God when carrying His will.

I am motivated to attend more informative group meetings that works for the betterment of the society. To think big and focus on the larger family and not just at my feet. By doing so, I will be a source of life to many who look onto me with hope and they trust that I can improve their tomorrow. Hearing that Pope Francis believes and trusts in the Young people was like a dream. I have grown knowing that leaders are the source of change but here, I am given the responsibility to be an instrument of change. Am inspired to serve my people in any capacity God will entrust in my life. Inspired to continue dreaming in hope and trust that one day, the society will be a better place for everyone. The change does not come over night hence the need for me to be patient and wait for God’s time in my life and in what I do. One day, my efforts will lead to light. Need to keep holding on for much longer instead of giving up simply because there is no immediate results.

I am motivated to try and understand why we have more informed, educated and Young change makers and yet our society is full of economy that kills. Where is the problem or where do we young people go wrong. All the participants were sharing from real life experience on the challenges leading to this ill economy as well as they know where to get solution. Why do we not go for the change? Am yet to find out.


The conference had more than three thousand participants. This made it difficult for me to reach most of the participants keeping in mind that I arrived at the conference when members were meeting in groups. There were sisters but very small number. Some of those I managed to meet: Sr.Claudia from Assisi, Sr.Mariana from Romania, Sr. Anet from India, Sr.Mary from Nigeria. In general, sisters at the conference were not up to 20.


The conference taught me to continue doing the ordinary things in a new special way. It instilled hope and persistence, trust and faith in me: Am able to see possibility in what looks impossible through team work. We are all the same and we can accomplish all we want regardless of our geographical differences. Sustainable relationships are key and in every new environment, I am called to care and love all. The spirit of hospitality was so great at the meeting and this brought the sense of belonging to one mother (the earth) and the need to fight for its continuity.

I was called to bring a soul in everything I do and always question my interest for me going for ministry every day.