First Vows of Five Sisters, Livestreamed from Nairobi, Kenya

Feb 4, 2021 | News & Events

The First Vow Day for 5 new Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Nairobi, Kenya on September 26, 2020 was an event, never to be forgotten, for the ongoing new life and commitment of 1 Sister from Kenya and 4 Sisters from Zimbabwe! The entire celebration was livestreamed for anyone who wished to view the Vow Day. It is now preserved on video for anyone who wishes to view it!

At the Offertory of the Liturgy, after a ceremony of blessing, the 5 Novices responded to the call by the Kenya Province Leadership Team, Sisters Evalyne Aseyo (Moderator), Praxides Awino, and Everlyne Nekesa Oguba, into a ritual for First Vows in the Congregation. This inspiring personal commitment by Vows of each Sister touched deeply the hearts of the participants at the celebration as well as those livestreaming internationally.

The Eucharistic Liturgy continued, even including the joyful missioning of the Sisters to their ministries in Kenya and Zimbabwe, with Sr. Meltah Thaka, Coordinator of the Zimbabwe Community Organized for Mission, proclaiming the sending!

The Congo-Kinshasa Province Rejoices in Happy Event: Final Vows & Jubilee

On Saturday, October 3, 2020 in the Parish of Sainte Marie de Kimwenza in Congo-Kinshasa, eight Sisters pronounce their Perpetual Vows and five Sisters celebrate their Jubilees. The Sisters in the Province rejoice in this faithful commitment to God in Perpetual Vows of Sisters.

Monseigneur José Moko, Bishop of Idiofa, and several priests, from different dioceses concelebtate this Eucharistic Liturgy for the Final Vow Sisters celebrating their commitments together with the Jubilarians. Many families and friends came to support our Sisters. For several years now, there have not been this number of Congolese Sisters pronouncing together their Perpetual Vows.

Besides the Final Vow Sisters, families and friends celebrate 5 Jubilarians. A large crowd is present sharing with great joy this Jubilee ceremony!