Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Sister Bernadette Janssens

Bernadette Janssens was born in June 1939 in Aalter, Belgium. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame in February 1963. Sr. Bernadette served as a teacher for 30 years and 16 years as headteacher in schools at Notre Dame Institute in Berchem, Antwerp. Currently, she is a hospital chaplain at St. Janskliniek in Brussel, Kruidtuinlaan, and has been working in this ministry for 14 years. During this time, she has changed very much. It seems to her like a second vocation to ministry.

In these years, Sr. Bernadette has realized that she has grown in patience with herself and others. She has learned the art of listening. Her constant and regular smile communicates to the sick that she is a happy woman of the Church. Her smiling face says to others: “I do not fear any evil for the Lord is with me: his rod and staff…these reassure me.” (Psalm 23) The good God has touched deeply her heart. St. Julie Billiart, woman of courage, inspires Sr. Bernadette to travel in her footsteps and to rejoice in God’s goodness, with all Sisters of Notre Dame internationally.

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