Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Sister Janelle Sevier

Sister Janelle Sevier has spent most of her ministerial life in pastoral work. She lived many years in Africa, where she served in a variety of pastoral, educational, and spiritual ministries. After returning from Africa, Sr. Janelle worked in her home state of Louisiana working in both social services and in spirituality: providing HIV services for those who could not afford treatment, and working as a pastoral associate. She then spent time in Haiti, helping to begin a new Notre Dame ministry for destitute families there. Now back in Massachusetts, she is working as a pastoral assistant in a local parish and is also privileged to be involved in giving directed retreats and spiritual direction. Deeply grateful for the different ways she has been enriched by seeing God’s action in the lives of people of different cultures and experiences, she embraces this new opportunity to share Gospel reflections via the technological tools which this time in history provides.

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