Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Sister Masako Miyake

Sister Masako was born in Japan and baptized at age 10. Before she became a Catholic, she practiced traditional Shintoism, like other Japanese and learned Budhism from the priest.

Masako entered the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur just after she graduated from Notre Dame Seishin High School in Kurashiki city, Okayama. She taught religion and social studies in three ND High Schools for more than 30 years. She was involved also in other religious, cultural and sports activities.

Sr. Masako always enjoys being with people, especially with young people. Her special interests are human rights and development. She has done research on Migrants (including foreign brides in the local villages), on the economical and historical relationship between Asian countries and Japan and ODA(Official Development Assistance). She researched also the community building process in the squatter area in Manila, Philippines, when she was doing a graduate course. Naturally, this research became a ministry of service. After she was missioned to Hiroshima as a full time teacher, she became a member of J&P Committee in the diocese, and joined in peace education and events as well as education for development. She worked with a group for helping the homeless.

Completing her ministry in administration for high school, she started serving in the satellite parish in Higashi-Hiroshima where the Japan Province opened a new ministry. Here, she was able to be with migrants from several countries, mostly from Brazil and the Philippines. She became a member of J-CaRM (Catholic Commission of Japan for Refugees, Migrants and People on the Move). She worked at the Peace Promotion Office of the Hiroshima Diocese.

In 2013, she served in an Internship at the Congregational Mission Office in Massatusetts, USA.

Sr. Masako is a member of the new SNDdeN Leadership Team of the Japan Province.

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