Gospel Reflections

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 11:25-30

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Edna Maier

Published: July 06, 2014

We hold a treasure…not made of gold…in earthen vessels…wealth untold! 
You might recognize these words. They echo the hymn, Earthen Vessels, which resonated in my being as I reflected on the graced message of today’s Gospel. The generosity of the Father is proclaimed by his Son, who chooses to share with us the wonder and the blessing of belonging to the holy, holy, holy family of God.

Throughout all of our yesterdays, our today, and our hope-filled tomorrows, our good God continues to bless us with seed gifts. At least that is what I call them. They are Spirit-filled messages which can wake us up to the presence and nearness of God, in whatever circumstances we might find ourselves at any given moment on any given day. The messengers of these seed gifts are sometimes the usual people in our lives: family, friends, children, co-workers, etc. And sometimes God speaks through folks we meet unexpectedly.

And sometimes a seed gift arrives through a book, a picture, an e-mail, a newspaper article, a garden, a song. God reveals his seed gifts to us in so many ways. To paraphrase a popular song of the 50’s . . . God is all around us, don’t be blind, He’s everywhere! . . . I can still hear the melody in my mind as I write this. I think that God often sings his seed gifts to me. But I also believe that God has many ways of speaking to us and he sends his messages, designed in the best way for each of us to receive. For sure, God wants all of us to receive what is revealed to us.

Here I want to share a story of my seed gifts from long ago . . .One early experience as an SND included the feeling that I was dealing with a Hidden God. As Sisters, we even sang a hymn by that name! Several SNDs and other folks told me about the words that God had spoken to them. A bit puzzled, I thought: “God never said anything to me.” So I decided to give God a special hour each day to talk to me with words I could hear and which would bless me. During a week-long family vacation with my brother, his wife, and their eight young children, I went each day to where I thought was a perfect setting for my conversation with God. I had found a little brook, a lovely tree in the shade, and I had my Bible. There I sat for a whole hour, waiting for God to speak. Seven days I waited faithfully but nothing happened! No words from God! He was still a Hidden God to me.

When we came down from our mountain vacation spot, I shared my story with a priest friend, who knew what I had planned to do. His response was: “God was probably so surprised at your silence that he was speechless!” Then Fr. Clem chuckled and reminded me that there were many visual sights that had blessed me: my brother and his wife caring for their eight children, the united decisions of the family on how to spend each day, and so on. God was not really silent. He was teaching me through others. This experience and a friend’s comments held for me a life-changing experience. These were ordinary days, in a unique setting, which spoke to me of God. This is my story and my song!

Surely, you have had many God-happenings, many seed-gifts in your life. The hidden has been and will continue to be revealed. The lost will be found.

And YOU are a living, loving treasure to others.

God is so Good! God is so Good! God is so Good! He’s so Good to us!


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