Gospel Reflections

1st Sunday of Advent

Mark 13:33-37

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Josephine Threlfall

Published: November 30, 2014

Meditation-Stay Awake

It’s very easy to get stuck in the routine and monotony of life today and even become quite complacent when hearing and seeing all the negative things in the media- war, terrorism, abuse of life, financial exploitation and moral mismanagement of the resources of the earth. Today the beginning of Advent is an opportunity for us to look beyond the present moment. The Gospel tells us to “stay awake and be on our guard,” to realise the transience of human life and our concerns. We were never promised that life would be easy but we have the constant assurance that if we do stay awake and live in faith and hope of Christ’s coming we will enjoy the fullness of life with God in eternity. The Old Testament is an endless journey of people who have strayed away from God. The prophets have constantly called people to repent and turn back to God and prepare for the coming of the Saviour. Isaiah 63:17 says “Why, Lord leave us to stray from your ways and harden our hearts against fearing you?” We know that God never leaves us, but we have often become lazy and complacent. Again Isaiah 64:8 reminds us “Lord you are our Father; we the clay, you the potter, we are all the work of your hand.” In other words we, God’s sons and daughters, are his children and have all been given gifts and talents. God expects us to make good use of those gifts fully for his glory and to help others around us. Let us be vigilant and ready servants of the Lord, being prepared at all times to respond generously in a Christ-like way to whatever the needs of our own life situation.

The next four weeks of Advent are a special time of joyful preparation for Christmas when the first coming of Christ is celebrated and in anticipation of Christ’s second coming. Let us stay awake, get off our treadmill of constant activity and make time to deepen our relationship with God and with our friends and neighbours, families and community.

We pray daily in the Our Father: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others” and then pray: “May your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Let us take time to intensify our efforts to be prepared to meet God- by living in peace and harmony with those around us and those we communicate with across the world.


We can all slow down. We can all breathe more deeply. We can all begin to trust that this will be a blessed time. Then, when we let ourselves be who we are, and hear the Scriptures, we can begin to quietly pray, “Come, Lord, Jesus.”


Come, Lord Jesus! Come and visit your people.
We await your coming. Come, O Lord.


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