Gospel Reflections

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Mark 9:30-37

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Sandra Arayjo dos Santos

Published: September 20, 2015

Read Mark 9:30-37

Jesus and his disciples left from there and began a journey through Galilee, but he did not wish anyone to know about it. He was teaching his... Read More…

We are going to highlight three aspects of today’s reading: separating oneself in order to teach, asking the right question, and teaching.

Jesus went away by himself and did not want anyone to know where he was because he was going to teach his disciples. Jesus, the master, knew how important it was that his followers understand as fully as possible, his project for humanity. He also knew how slow we human beings are in the learning process. So, he constantly taught affectionately, with love.

The second aspect is asking the right question. The disciples were so shocked when they heard Jesus declare that he was going to die, and that he would rise, they could not even ask a question and so they remained silent. Their lack of understanding was so great that they actually ignored what Jesus had said. (We often call this denial.) In this moment, we see the humanity of the disciples, who even though they had heard Jesus share something very serious, they remained concerned about themselves, asking one another who was more important.

And finally, the teaching of Jesus. Often, with the multitude, Jesus uses the element of surprise in order to disarm, and then in this way teach his friends. In calling attention to the child, Jesus calls attention to how often in our life of faith and commitment, the things closest to us pass us by unnoticed.

Considerations: In our daily life, we run the risk of becoming so buried in activities, without time to remember or note what is happening, that we often respond in a shallow and uncaring way. We do not even see the serious realities that are before us everyday. The child in this text calls us to pay attention and learn from the everyday situations of our lives, and not let the most important lessons pass by us. We thank our most Tender God, for his great patience with us and our limitations.




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