Gospel Reflections

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 21:33 - 43

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Margaret Foley

Published: October 08, 2017

This Sunday, the Introit encapsulates the heart of Matthew's parable:  Lord, you have given everything its place in the world-----it is your creation, the heavens and the earth and the stars,  You are the Lord of all. (Esther, chapter 13)

In this image of a Vineyard planted, cultivated, protected and nourished, we see God's gift of Creation to us. Those entrusted with care of the Vineyard are condemned for destroying it. As a result it is no longer the domain of God's chosen people but opened to all....and thus becoming our responsibility.

God's gift of Creation is held in the hands of everyone -- across time, beliefs and cultures.  In the space of a lifetime, as we pass through, we are offered the choice to be actively involved in its evolution towards the Kingdom of God..

Today's world of the 21st century is very much aware of the threat of destruction to our planet, Earth.  This awareness results in a global concern to care for the environment.  We acknowledge responsibility for avoiding destructive behaviour.  Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes threaten our assumption of control. --  and bring home to us our dependence on each other for survival.

World leadership cannot be left only in the hands of politicians; multinationals or market economies.

And then there is the question of life itself  --  in the wonder of living creatures both near and far.  We are challenged to care for and protect forests, oceans, animals and people.  We watch the cycle of life in the natural process of  birth and death around us. And we pause to reflect on who we are and how we are using this gift of time  ----   or we never stop to think at all!

                       "What lies beyond us........and what lies before us

                        are tiny matters when compared to what lies within us."   R.W.  Emerson

At no time have we been more aware of the possibility of other forms of life beyond the solar system.  The vastness of the Kingdom of God unfolds through fluid boundaries of stars and endless space.


It is a Kingdom of truth and mercy, justice, love and peace.  If in our lives, (if in the space of my life!)  we strive for truth, mercy, justice, love and peace...  we are living a fruitful life.

As Saint Paul writes in the second reading today......."Then the God of peace will be with you."                                                     .                              


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