Gospel Reflections

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

John 1:35-42

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Margaret Foley

Published: January 18, 2015

Read John 1:35-42

As John stood with two of his disciples, Jesus passed, and John stared hard at him and said, “Look, there is the lamb of God.”... Read More…

Everything in today’s liturgy speaks to us of VOCATION, beginning with the story of Eli and Samuel. God called Samuel when he was still a child – and he did not recognise it was God calling him. Eli was old and blind yet full of wisdom. His wise counsel helped the child realise that it was God calling him. And once he did, he replied with the now familiar words..... “Speak Lord, your servant is listening!”

One of the things that we learn as we grow older, through adolescence, adulthood and beyond, is the power of listening. No matter where life or work takes us, be it crowded streets or awe-inspiring nature, each different environment to which we are attentive, enters into and nourishes our spirit just as the food we eat nourishes our body.

A powerful and familiar example of this is found in the writings of Native American Indians (such as Great Chief Seattle) always exhorting us to listen to the calls of the earth and incorporate what we hear into the choices we make. The same is true in our relationship with people — men, women and children. As we open to others outside ourselves, our spirit grows and is nourished. This is true also when as Christians we listen to others on the path to God. A disciple walks with another. We read of John the Baptist directing two of his followers (John himself and Andrew) towards Jesus walking by. This is a compelling moment to pause, to imagine and take some time to reflect. Meeting him or her, Jesus asks the question directed to every reader of the Gospel: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?

At this point, we can listen to ourselves as we ponder the same question. In today’s world, in my personal life, I gather the richness of joys and sorrows that make me who I am ... and I ask myself .... what am I looking for? What am I really looking for? And then he invites them to “Come and see” and they walk with him, spending the day together. Recently at a Requiem for a much-loved priest who was 90, a woman sang a beautiful song called “This day I see.” It was written to express gratitude for the gift of a dear friend and mentor to many during life.

This day I see

This day I see as your gift to me,
Which I accept anew.
With each new day you rise again,
and bid me walk with you.

May I use this day in your service, Lord,
responding to your call,
but with time and space to sing your grace
- the beauty of it all!

As the morning, mist clears the crest of the hill,  
Help, Lord, to clear my mind,
That I might see as you would see,
As the day before unwinds. (Words & music © 2014... Frances M. Kelly)

How does one come to be a disciple of Jesus? Usually through the witness of another.

In 2015, this year dedicated to consecrated life, listen to some words in a message from the teachings of Pope Francis.

“We hear a voice that calls us to life and discipleship for the Kingdom. It is a response to a call, a call of love. Pope Francis calls us to pause and remember “the joy of the moment when Jesus looked at me” and to recall the important and demanding, underlying message of our vocation.” (“Rejoice,” page 18)


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