Gospel Reflections

31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 23:1-12

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Patricia Butler

Published: November 05, 2017

The words remind us and memories come to mind as we reflect on this Gospel passage.   Jesus is our continuous reminder of what shapes the way we live with deep Christian values embraced by a loving God. On one level we continue to remind ourselves about the essential actions to help us live our daily lives. We make lists to do this, that or the other thing.

Jesus uses this Gospel passage to dig deeply into the shaping of what it means to live the life of our Good God.

Yes, Jesus is always reminding us how to live in the day to day.  This is the gift we have - the daily call to faithfulness.  In today’s Gospel there are three clear reminders for our pondering.  We all live in relationship.  Living in relationship gives birth to different types of community.  Jesus suggests to his disciples and to us how to offer life to our different communities, not as the Scribes and the Pharisees, but as followers of Christ. Maybe we can think of these as a continuation of the Be-Attitudes.

• Blessed are those who lighten the daily burdens of others.

• Blessed are those who believe and act out the belief that “what is most important is invisible to the eye.”  Antione Saint Exupery

• Blessed are those who live with open hearts, open hands and without need of recognition.

In order to do my ministry I rely on professionals in technology, creative design and communication. Granted these people are remunerated for their services but the way they carry out these services brings our relationship to a whole other level. The most recent example I have is of Brenda, a data technician, who saved me from erasing a year’s worth of information on my data base. It was as if she had set out to lift the burden I was feeling that day.  Her patient walking me through a number of complicated queries (processes  to achieve information) with gentleness and understanding allowed me to let go of the fear that I might have created a real mess on my data base. The experience of being lifted up was indeed a piece of good news that touched me deeply.  I shared this experience with the Sisters in my community and in this sharing the following came clear for me. 

• How important it is to hear God’s Word and keep it in my day to day life and how equally important it is to experience this call as a gift shared through those with whom I live and work.

• Do I /we ever stop to think how important it is to lift up/recognize the living beatitudes in others as well as those called for from ourselves?



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