Gospel Reflections

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 25:14-30

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Angele Lewis

Published: November 19, 2017

When I was growing up, my family would play board games after dinner. After a game called SORRY, our next favorite was a game called CAREER. Before we began this game, we wrote down our life goals, which consisted of how many “hearts,” how much “money” and what “work” you would do to reach your “desired future.” After playing this game to the end, if became obvious that all the money or all the work would not win the game of life. This led us to many lively discussions to try a variety of strategies, all with the goal of winning this game!

Today’s Gospel, the Parable of the Talents, reminds us of who we are and how we are to approach WORK and WEALTH. God has blessed us abundantly with what we need to accomplish our life’s work on earth.

This parable also reminds us quite clearly that we are to live as children of God in God’s Kingdom NOW!  We make God’s Kingdom visible when we use our gifts and talents.

Our goal is to enjoy eternal life with God. We are to live God’s “big picture” by living in right relationships with God, each other, and the earth.

To illustrate this, the Master in the Gospel goes on a trip and entrusts each servant with talents according to his/her abilities. The Master gives each what is needed for his/her mission. Each person has a different mission for which only he/she is responsible.

Two of the three “servants” invest/use their “talents.” When the Master returns to check, he praises the “good and faithful” servants who used their talents. The Master invites two into his joy of eternal life.

He calls the one who buries the talent a “wicked, lazy servant” and he takes away the single talent.  The other two gained more responsibility and even more talents.

This reflection draws me to reflect further with these questions:

• In whose kingdom do I live and work?

• How does my life make visible God’s kingdom today?

• Do I recognize at this time the visible signs of God’s Kingdom?





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