Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Nativity Dawn

Luke 2:15-20

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Ginny Scally

Published: December 25, 2017

Read Luke 2:15-20

When the angels went away from them to heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let us go, then, to Bethlehem to see this thing... Read More…



As we celebrate this Christmas of 2017, we come having, over the close-to-past 12 months, witnessed the greatest demise of American presidential leadership than in the whole history of our country. This is not about political parties or partisan politics: we all have different ideas and opinions about what’s best for the country or what may contribute to peace in the world. It’s about behaviors, vision and values. From this, our highest office, we have seen a lack of respect for human dignity, disregard for honor and truth, and the use of power to dominate and control, etc. We have witnessed a demonstration of all that is contrary to the mystery of the Incarnation of Goodness, all that is contrary to the living example of a God who chose to empty God’s Self to take on our human condition in order to raise it up and embrace the poor, the sick, the dying and the outcast, and it’s not all right! It needs to be named.

We come this year having witnessed the plight of uncountable refugees from countries wracked by religious persecution, political corruption, wide-spread violence, destruction and disruption. We come this year in our own country too, seemingly unlike ever before, surrounded by continued evidence of racism, where people need to gather to remind us that “black lives matter,” escalating and unprecedented mass murders involving innocent people, an explosion of public allegations of the sexual abuse of women in particular, and soaring numbers of deaths among younger people from drug addictions. How deeply and truly we NEED the promise and the Presence of this Christmas!

We so deeply need, from the hands of God, what the shepherds on the hillsides of Bethlehem needed…eyes that share the vision of God, hearts that are filled with a loving passion for the world, renewed energy and commitment to use our “one and only life” to make a positive, grace-filled difference in the lives of others, particularly those who have been made poor, in our place, and in our time in whatever way the Spirit inspires us and probably most importantly of all, like the rag-tag, ill-thought-of shepherds of old, we need new HOPE…HOPE that is rooted in the life, death and resurrection of the One whose ancient birth we recall and whose NEW birth into our broken world this Christmas gives us reason to believe, with Dr. C. Otto Scharmer, that while one world is dying another one is being born!  As women and men of God, with the help of God’s grace, let us, too, give birth to Christ/Life in the world of our day, creatively recognizing and “turning possibilities into opportunities.” The universe will help us! Let us return to our weary world, “glorifying and praising God for all that we have heard and seen” too!

As Karl Rahner says in his Christmas reflection, “Light the candles. They have more right to exist than all the darkness. It is Christmas! Christmas that lasts forever!”




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