Gospel Reflections

Feast of All Saints

Matthieu 5:1-12a

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Maura McMenamin

Published: November 01, 2019


The Sermon on the Mount with its eight “key points” is well known and perhaps we are overfamiliar in the sense that we take them for granted.  However, if we turn to Nicholas King’s  translation we are encouraged to think again.  This scholar translates “blessed are those….” By the single word, “congratulations” and if we check the dictionary, “congratulations” translates “well done” which reminds us of the phrase “well done thou good and faithful servant…”!

Jesus is very much in teaching mode and He desires that those seated before Him will learn how to conduct their lives if they are to be true followers. This invitation is not a one off event but an invitation to conduct their whole lives according to his precepts. Many centuries later we cannot sit back after we have ticked all the boxes once. We must continue our entire  lives attempting to be merciful, assisting the poor and needy, working for justice and so on.

Pope Francis challenges us to “live the Christian life joyfully”. How do we interpret this commission in the light of today’s Scripture?   Maybe we can challenge ourselves as to how we are fulfilling this charter and maybe put it into the jargon of today.

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