Gospel Reflections

Feast of All Souls

Jean 6, 37-40

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Bernadette Janssens

Published: November 02, 2019

Commemoration of the faithful departed

All Saints Day is the feast of all the saints not mentioned in the Liturgical calendar.  Does this need a little more explanation? In my opinion, yes!

We pray, today, All Souls' Day, in relation to All Saints.  Traditionally we visit the cemetery to maintain the graves since the dead can still be in contact with us, united with us. Those who have died are not forgotten.

Today the Church focuses upon the dead, and we pray that they will live in the plenitude of joy in heaven. We ask eternal rest for them. This enables us to assist in their purification. They still have the potential to grow in the knowledge of God and make up for the ways in which they have failed through ignorance and sin.  It is our opportunity to affirm and live in the hope of eternal life given through the resurrection of Christ. (Jn 6: 37-40). For the will of our Father is that everyone be saved.  

The idea of a special day to pray for the dead has been a connection and completion of All Saints since before the 10th century. All Saints and All Souls are inseparable.

Lord, let our faith in the resurrection grow in the hearts of each one of us!

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