Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord

Luke 24:13-35

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Tess Rynn

Published: April 21, 2019

Read Luke 24:13-35

That very day, the first day of the week, two of Jesus’ disciples were going to a village seven miles from Jerusalem called Emmaus, and... Read More…

Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you…
-- But who is that on the other side of you?

A poetic reflection on the Emmaus journey which is such a significant story for Easter. The death of someone we love is probably the most powerful and devastating experience we ever have to face. Little wonder then, that Cleopas and possibly his wife were on the Emmaus road, in the despair and hopelessness of grief, after the death of Jesus. Into this void a stranger came and walked with them. He was prepared to listen to their hopes and dreams which had all been destroyed, and offer some explanation about recent events. During the walk  the disciples were changed. Their openness and trust enabled them to offer hospitality at the end of the day to their unknown guest.

Caravaggio has a wonderful picture of this supper at Emmaus. As I reflect on what happened next, I am drawn into this painting. Darkness and light, such essential elements with Caravaggio lead me towards the central figure of  Jesus. He extends his hand, towards me, the viewer, inviting me into the scene. There Jesus performs an ordinary action – he breaks the bread to share with his companions. In that moment time stands still, the familiarity brings blinding insight and the disciples know that he is their Risen Lord. Then he is gone from their sight, but now they know with certainty that He is truly alive in and with them for all time. Their journey has become total revelation. “Were not our hearts burning within us.” With all weariness changed into joyful energy, they are prepared to go back to Jerusalem immediately to share the good news.

“But who is that on the other side of you?”

Those first Emmaus disciples didn’t recognise their walking companion, but today it is the Risen Lord who accompanies me through life. If I am in touch with the ‘one on the other side of you’ maybe I am then in a position to understand the ‘other side of me.’ Together we explore the darkness and the light of who I am. Together we explore that part of me, that ‘hidden self’ that potential, still waiting for the Easter Light to penetrate. Somewhere in that Easter light is the person I have yet to become, somewhere is the invitation to an ever deeper relationship with my Lord and God until that is my all consuming passion.
The choice is mine!!
Do I know what ‘other side of me’ I am being invited to explore this Easter?
May the Lord, ‘easter’ in me to reveal the way to the ‘other side of me.’

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