Gospel Reflections

Feast of Pentecost

John 20:19-23

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Bernadette Janssens

Published: June 09, 2019

Pentecost – What does this mean?

Pentecost is inseparable from Easter.  Nothing is yet complete, but everything has already been given through the Spirit. Isn’t the Spirit already present here – eternal life already begun?  

So, my dear friends, let us listen to the Spirit of Life which can be heard within us.  The Spirit shows us the true manner of loving and it is an experience of the communion which surrounds us.  “Jesus in the Father, we in Him, and God in us.” What a marvel for those who desire to believe!

So, let us leave our securities behind and accept in a reflective way an invitation to commitment.  For those who are committed can see change in their manner of looking at things, and modify their perspectives.

However, the Spirit at times troubles us by a particular event. What does it mean when we become aware that events do not speak for themselves and are not clear?  We ourselves must discover their meaning.  For the Spirit is the source of order and of even the smallest word. We do not know where it comes from or where it goes.

But we can be certain that this Spirit is groaning within the heart of the world. However, it is up to us to discern him.  Because what seems providential for one can be catastrophic for another.  Do not let ourselves be disturbed by particular events but let us live the Gospel day after day
Therein is the Gospel of the day, each day, as humans and people of faith under the protection of Mary.

Isn’t this the true road of Julie and Francoise – and all those who have gone before us?
In this extraordinary time of preparation for the General Chapter of the Sisters of Notre Dame, let us listen to the Holy Spirit who guards and guides us.  

En route ....

Blessed Feast of Pentecost to us all!  

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