Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Assumption

Luke 1:39-56

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Consuelo Zapata

Published: August 15, 2019

Read Luke 1:39-56

Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste to a town of Judah, where she entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. Read More…

Today Mary teaches me with her life the value of patience and hope, which are so necessary in our daily life; At the same time she accompanies me always, supporting my life in the process of preparation for my final vows, in this process of thanksgiving for the life of my mother that brings forth in me, words of resurrection and hope in my daily struggle.

Without doubt, Mary continues walking by our side, encouraging us, sharing with us this double condition. Naturally she is now in heaven but this does not mean that she is far from us, Mary is always at our side; like every good mother, she struggles with us, she holds us in her arms so that when we fall, we don’t hurt ourselves too much, rather she helps us to get up again.

The second reading refers to the resurrection. Our faith is based on this essential truth, which is not just an idea but rather an event. In the same way, the assumption of Mary, body and soul is linked to the resurrection of our good Jesus.

Throughout her life, Mary faithfully followed with all her strength and with all her heart, her son Jesus. Her reward was to enter into glory, to follow her son after his death; we remember that Mary also suffered the sorrow of the cross of Jesus Christ her son which she lived in the depths of her soul; here is our hope. Mary is our hope, hope is the virtue of one who experiencing the difficulty of the daily struggle between life and death, between good and evil, continues to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in the victory of love.

The canticle of the Magnificat which Mary prays in thanksgiving to God is a canticle of hope. This hymn is particularly powerful, it is there her followers find hope because if there is no hope, everything

It is false, it is a lie. For this reason, Mary invites us not to lose hope, to let no one take it from us. No one must take this hope from us because it is a grace, a gift of God which enables us to go on, to continue day after day in spite of everything and our mother Mary is always there, close to every community, to each sister and brother, she walks with us, she suffers with her people and sings with us the Magnificat of hope and invites us to sing it in our daily life. We need to stay united with all our heart to our good God and with Mary pray this song of patience and triumph, of commitment and joy which unites all our brothers and sisters who do not yet know the joy of hope, which creates a bridge to eternity, our final home, towards which we are journeying.


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