Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Luke 15:3-7

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Consuelo del Rosario Zapata Crisanto

Published: June 03, 2016

This year we celebrate the 264th anniversary of the birth of Saint Julie, a woman schooled in devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a devotion which is truly invaluable. To mention the Heart of Jesus is to speak about humility, love and mercy, characteristics experienced by all those who relate to Jesus, no matter the social or spiritual condition in which they live. For them, Jesus is, has been and always will be the good shepherd, the shepherd whose humble, loving, and merciful heart will not allow the loss of any of his sheep (Luke 15, 1-7). He loves them all equally, no matter their condition. Each one is unique and as such is valuable to him.

Saint Julie not only learned this, but experienced it, above all in her most difficult moments. At times she felt like the lost sheep in the hopelessness and even the despair of being persecuted. By the simple act of remaining steadfast in her faith, she lived through the French Revolution. Whatever the situation, she always sought the heart of Jesus and rejoiced in the goodness of God. For this reason she was able to seek through all whom she encountered, the constant companionship of Jesus who provided her with the strength to continue and move forward.

At present in our society, we see many people suffering the pain of feeling ignored by society. This is particularly true of our brothers and sisters who are living in places of war where the interests of the powerful take precedence over those who are victims of poverty. This is often due to the unequal distribution of economic resources or to consumerism.

It is in this present reality that we as people of faith are called upon to be the good shepherd, to make present the goodness of God in the midst of this world. May we generate hope in the nearness of the merciful Jesus who not only seeks us when we have gone physically from his side, but also searches for us when our hearts become overwhelmed. Let us, along with our brothers and sisters in all the different places where we find ourselves, be among those who spread Saint Julie’s valuable legacy of full confidence in the goodness of the loving heart of our Good God.

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