Gospel Reflections

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Mark 6:7-13

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Anne Flanagan

Published: July 15, 2018

Do you remember your first mission?? What did you take with you on your journey??

In our Gospel from Mark for today, we see Jesus sending out the Twelve on their first mission.  They were prepared by being given Jesus’ authority over unclean spirits. They were to go two by two.  How consoling for them to go with the support of each other.  Also, it was an example of the need for community. The work of God is not a solitary affair.  We need each other.  In Cary Landry’s familiar song- “We are companions on the journey breaking bread and sharing life….” Then, Jesus proceeds to give the Twelve recommendations:

• To go without anything.  Jesus obliged them to trust in the hospitality of the people.  As one commentator said, “to trust and believe they, the disciples, will be well-received criticized the laws of exclusion.”

• To stay in the first house that welcomed them.  They would need to trust in the goodness of others to form community with them-sharing food and work.

In other words, HOSPITALITY, COMMUNION, SHARING AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE EXCLUDED were to be the attitudes of the missionaries who were sent to proclaim the good news.

The Twelve were to proclaim the KINGDOM OF GOD! One reflection says it very well. “The kingdom of God comes and becomes present when persons, motivated by their faith in Jesus, decide to live in community to give witness and to manifest to all that God is Father and Mother and that, therefore, we human beings are brothers and sisters.  Jesus wanted that the local community would again be an expression of the Covenant, of the Kingdom, of the love  of God who makes all of us brothers and sisters.” Is that not our Mission today??

Today, we might reflect on:

• Who are my companions on the journey?

• How do I experience and share hospitality?

• Who do we or have we ministered with?

• How do I proclaim God’s Goodness-God’s Kingdom today?


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