Gospel Reflections

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 10:25-37

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Ellen Keane

Published: July 14, 2019


Stories are one of the countless ways that our God speaks to us. They are always about relationship and, if we reflect long enough, inevitably, something in another’s story speaks to our own.

In today’s gospel Jesus, the great storyteller, invites us to journey with three people traveling the very same road… Two are caught up in their own world…busy about many things…unable or unwilling to see what lies in front of them and so they don’t really look… they overlook!

The third, a soulful traveler, sees with the eyes of the heart… and goes out of himself or paradoxically goes deep within himself in reaching out to a brother in need…

This story is more than a nice story to reflect on …it is our story and speaks to the concrete choices we make in deciding how to live and treat those around us.  

How often do we overlook another on the road: a stranger in need, a migrant, the elderly or sick? Do we reach out in spontaneous compassion and touch another’s reality and in so doing recognize our own frailty and longing to be in relationship?

For it is the relationship that heals. We have only to look at Jesus to know that to be true. The gift and the challenge he offers us each day is not to overlook, but to go outside of ourselves or paradoxically to go deep within ourselves.  What might it take for us to be soulful travelers seeing with the eyes of the heart … reaching out to our neighbors in the most ordinary ways…in the most ordinary of days?


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