Gospel Reflections

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 13:1-23

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Anne Flanagan

Published: July 16, 2017

I grew up in a big city - Chicago and lived in an apartment - so the images of seed and Sower are very foreign to me in many ways. Like the disciples, I presume that all of us need some explanation. Jesus tells us what he means.

God is truly the Sower who goes out to sow and God scatters his seed abundantly, as the parable tells us - on the road, among the rocks, among the thorns, on bad soil and on rich soil. What kind of farmer would do this? Our God, the Sower, however is an extravagant God! Each of the seeds God sown into our lives is an invitation. We then are invited to reflect on the kind of soil we are. 

Are we ready to hear God’s word, to accept the invitation to grow and allow this seed to take root and help change our lives - to flourish and grow us into the persons we are called to be?

Perhaps we find ourselves rocky soil at times, resistant to receive the word, God’s invitation. It seems to me that when I find myself resisting the word which means letting go or moving on, I am like the rocky soil. I don’t want to let it take root and change me.

Sometimes, perhaps after a retreat, we are afire to lead a better life, to trust God more completely. Then some difficulty, trial, sickness, even the loss of a loved one happens, and quickly we may find ourselves stuck in doubt.

At other times, we find ourselves in a very open and receptive space. We say and mean that all we want is to do God’s will. We then are the rich soil that is ready to receive the Word and allow it to grow.

We, too are called to be the Seed of God’s Goodness which God has planted in this time and place. We desire to bear Good Fruit.  Therefore we take care through prayer to nourish us. Jesus desires lovingly to bring God’s Goodness out of our Good Soil.

The Gospel for today calls us to deep reflection with the Sower that we may both be Good Soil and willing to allow the Seed of God’s goodness to flower in our lives.                                    

Prayer: Loving God, we thank you for the Seed of your Word which you have planted in our hearts at our Baptism.  Help us to nourish it and allow You to take root ever more deeply in our hearts.  May we, in turn share the Life of your Goodness to all in our world. Amen


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