Gospel Reflections

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:13-16

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Terry Davis

Published: February 05, 2017

Todays’ Gospel calls us to be the light of the world. And what does it mean to be light in this world of ours? A world  that seems marked an increased sense of chaos, turmoil and fear.

I believe that we must live the virtue of hope in order to cast light in the dim corners of this world. To do that in a credible way, we must first know the chaotic places in our own hearts. Know these fragile, broken places as the cracks where grace enters and dwells and finally shines through us. I am reminded of an excerpt from Jan Richardson’s “How the Stars Get in Your Bones” a Blessing for Women’s Christmas:

I tell you, this blazing in you—

it does not come by choosing

the most difficult way, the most daunting;

it does not come by the sheer force

of your will. It comes from the helpless place in you

that, despite all, cannot help but hope,

the part of you that does not know

how not to keep turning

toward this world,

to keep turning your face

toward this sky,

to keep turning your heart

toward this unendurable earth,

knowing your heart will break

but turning it still.

I tell you,

this is how the stars

get in your bones.

This is how the brightness

makes a home in you,

as you open to the hope that burnishes

every fractured thing it finds

and sets it shimmering,

a generous light that will not cease,

no matter how deep the darkness grows,

no matter how long the night becomes.

This is the call of our Gospel - to first walk straight into our own personal brokenness and learn that this is where our God meets us, saves us and sets us to shining in our world. And then to bear the treasure of this hard-won hope to our broken world as light.



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