Gospel Reflections

1st Sunday of Advent

Mark 13:33-37

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Lucyanne Diniz

Published: December 03, 2017

In today’s Gospel, I see various verbs but the ones that most catch my attention are the verbs- BE ON GUARD, BE ALERT, WATCH.

Jesus alerts us and challenges us to also be alert. To be watchful. How can we not be alert with the current political situation of this historic moment that we are living, - be it in Latin America, or Japan or the United States of America?  

We are living a time of challenges, and we need to keep our candles well -lit as we pass through this storm of change.  We are challenged every day to be hopeful as women and men of hope. And we are challenged to think and act with care in our own backyards and connect that to the world; thus, we are connecting everything and acting like one united human family. Each of us is a cell, each one with her role, her function, her value within the soul of the Good God.

Like myself, as from here in my backyard, I can see the Venezuelan people, refugees, arriving here in Belem, Brazil, begging in the streets; how can I not think about the political situation in Venezuela?  Or how can I not think of the millions of refugees all over the world?

A few days ago, I was part of a group conversation about the situation of the Venezuelan people seeking refuge here in Belem, and one young women snapped:  “The government has to act on this because here in Brazil we don’t have room or even conditions for us Brazilians, imagine for strangers! The government has to send them back to their own country!”  The people who were present, heard her reaction and challenged her to open her shelter of solidarity. They said: “Wherever you have one or two mouths to feed you can always put more water in the pot of beans and make it stretch to feed 10 or 20 more. “

We are called to be watchful, to be attentive from our position in the world, from both within and outside of our own families, from both within and outside of our congregation.  Everywhere, from any place on this globe, we are connected to extreme situations that challenge us, and we have an obligation to take a stand and to act as responsible women caring for our common home.     

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