Gospel Reflections

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 10:1-12,17-20

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Adrienne Kapela

Published: July 07, 2019

In the Gospel of today, Luke speaks about those sent by Jesus, with a mission to accomplish, not like those who simply walk and talk. Being representatives of Christ, all Christians are responsible to prepare the way for Jesus for those to whom he sends them, and they cannot waste time.  

Like sheep in the midst of wolves

Jesus sent them two by two into all the villages and places where he himself would go.  These envoys were to prepare the hearts of the people to meet and welcome Jesus through the grace which God brings. These individuals are the instruments of the hands of the Lord; it is God who transforms and gives faith; faith is a gift of God. It is Jesus who gives intelligence, light to understand the Gospel, and the desire to accept this light and make it part of their own life. The one who is sent exerts all his or her efforts to awaken faith.  

The precursor does what he or she is able, but it is God who touches the heart.  God gives belief. “Paul plants, Apollo waters, but it is God who gives belief.” (1 Cor 3:6).

It is the mission of the Church; we count on the Lord who acts.
Like these disciples, we, the Christians of today, are also sent ahead of Jesus. We are called to participate in this mission no matter our human condition; by our behavior, our actions, our example, our words, we are invited to be credible signs of Jesus. Certainly, we are weak human beings but we attempt to accept our weaknesses and offer them to the master of the work. In this way, our way of judging, consoling, sympathizing, listening, encouraging, planning, filled with charity and faith, will help others to receive the Gospel.
The harvest is great but the laborers few

Jesus is aware that his envoys are in the minority; they bring a message which is counter-cultural to those in the world outside.  This world does not ask them “to go succeed” but to do – it is he who acts. Even if they are not listened to, they should not be discouraged.

He commands: “Pray to the master of the harvest to send others to assist in this work.” Every effort to develop the spirit of the Gospel should be accompanied by prayer, and the goal of this prayer will be to multiply the number of those who commit themselves to the Gospel. We often repeat this petition to God for priestly and religious vocations.  

In this time of crisis in vocations we may have the impression that our prayers have dried up and that all the human means which we have been able to initiate have been useless. We cannot fold our arms; we must again extend this call of God to the young whom we believe may be lost. This is a step of faith which can surely be beneficial. During this period of crisis, it is still true that it is God who launches a personal call no matter what the conditions or circumstances may be; it is possible that the Father has prepared ground which is more or less poor or fragile so as to better send forth his power into our weakness. (1 Cor. 1: 25); God seems pleased to choose the foolish in the world to confound the wise.” (1 Cor 1 : 27).

“The more we lament and implore God with arms extended, let us renew our confidence in the one who causes his kingdom to grow and who leads us there.” (Père Sébastien Thomas, Magnificat, p. 106)

“In every house where you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house:’” It is Jesus who gives peace; his envoy is also a messenger of peace. The master of the harvest sends us to bring peace to all. Peace and mission are bound together.


Isn’t this the mission to which the Lord calls the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur at this time of preparation for the 18th General Chapter?  

With Pope Saint Paul VI, we dare to repeat: “We exhort the evangelizers, whomever they are, to pray to the Holy Spirit with faith and fervor and to allow themselves to be guided by him as the decisive inspiration for their plans, initiatives, and their activities based on the Gospel.” (Paul VI, Apostolic Exhortation ‘Evangelii nuntiandi,” (December 8, 1975 #75).

In brief, what we need is the light of Christ, then to begin our journey, with confidence as our only baggage.  

Are we ready for the mission?  

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