Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

Luke 2:16-21

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Godelieve Ziunga

Published: January 01, 2018

Today the Church, our mother, celebrates Mary, Mother of God (Theotokos in Greek). Yes, Mary is mother of God, that is to say, mother of our Savior Jesus Christ and mother of all humankind. Throughout the Gospel of this day which opens the year 2018, Mary invites us to enter this time in the same ways in which she herself lived her own life.   Indeed, God so loved the world and sent the Son to save it from sin, and willed that this child be born of a woman and to share human nature. This Savior, eagerly awaited, came into the world in humility. The Child Jesus was born and laid in a manger surrounded by his parents, Joseph and Mary, who were filled with joy and peace despite being far from their families and among strangers.

Why this attitude of Mary?  Why did she accept that her child be born in such a condition?  The Gospel of St. Luke helps us to understand what happened during the meeting with the Angel Gabriel.  “I am the servant of the Lord; be it done unto me according to your word,” was her response at the end of their encounter.  From that time on she accepted the events of her life linked with the promise made by the angel concerning Jesus.

- In faith, what is our response to all that is communicated to us in God’s word? - How do we welcome the events which happen in our own lives? 

After the birth of her son, Mary continued to welcome everything that happened beginning with the arrival of the shepherds (simple people), and was faithful to this way of life right until her days in Jerusalem.  “His mother held all these things in her heart.” We could say that the promise made to Mary is given to all humanity.   God touches us with joy, like that of he shepherds who departed glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, in accordance with what had been announced to them.  This joy moves us, too, and invites us to enter into a reflective attitude – “Mary kept all these things in her heart.” We, too, know that our life has meaning because it is directed by the hand of God. 

Mary was attentive to the Mosaic Law when the eighth day arrived – the day designated for circumcision - when the child received the name Jesus the name which the angel had given him before his conception.  She went to the temple to make the offering of her first-born male child.  By means of this action, Mary teaches us obedience and simplicity.  Her words may speak to us. 

Followng the example of the holy Virgin Mary, let us ask our God for the willingness to accomplish His will.  On this first day of this new year, let us become bearers of peace and joy to all our brothers and sisters.  May God bless the year 2018 and give lasting peace to the world so in need of this gift. 

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