Gospel Reflections

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

John 6:41-51

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Marilyn Pechillo

Published: August 12, 2018

Read John 6:41-51

The Jews murmured about Jesus because he said, "I am the bread that came down from heaven," and they said, "Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph? Do... Read More…

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Knowing that We Don’t Know

Because Jesus identified Himself as the “bread that came down from heaven,” the people murmured among themselves. They knew who Jesus was, who His family were, so they closed their ears to what He was saying. They knew what they knew, but they did not realize what they did not know.  How often do we think we know a person or a group, but if we enter into conversation, we hear something new, something unexpected?  If we ask the right questions, or rather, if we question with an open mind and heart, we may be surprised by the other person’s truth. If the crowds had listened deeply to Jesus, they might have been surprised by the gift He was offering and the answers to their questions. 

The reading from Ephesians calls us to be compassionate, to be, “imitators of God as beloved children.” It calls us to question with humility and openness; also to show simple kindness in our everyday lives.

As we do at times, Elijah found the journey tiring and wanted to quit. God urged him after a little rest to get up and continue the journey, but not before he had eaten a little hearth cake. God knows we get tired, but God always provides what we need. We get the rest and taste the food God provides.

May we journey on, being nourished daily by our conversation with each other and with our God. May our questions spring from a loving relationship and may our hearts be open to whatever surprises God has for us.






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