Gospel Reflections

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 14:22-33

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Rita Raboin

Published: August 13, 2017

When I began to read this Gospel, I wandered into the reading of Jesus calming the waters as the Apostles in their boat trembled in their fear of drowning. Then I snapped back into the reading of today which was indeed different in the fact that our attention moves from the group and we follow Peter in his episode of crisis. It was his, physically, emotionally and spiritually .

Though the disciples were afraid in not recognizing Jesus, the Evangelist presents us with one person wanting to believe, desiring to go in the direction of Jesus. He lost his focus in fear of the wind. As we all know fear paralyzes us. We are doomed to go under, when we lose the confidence that Jesus Himself invests in us. He invited Peter, ”Come”. The rest was with Peter to trust.  

 We read about the wind against the waves, Jesus identified himself,  “Courage ! It is I. Don`t be afraid.” Peter felt the wind and could not continue. There are times we have all felt the wind ; challenges, problems of all sorts in everyone`s life. What do we do with the wind? Do we go on, not losing focus? Jesus believes in us with a daily invitation to ”Come” wind and all.

Like so many of you, I think about  the suffering  in this world, the refugees from so many countries; here in Brazil, the people stripped of their rights by a false government, violence and hundreds of deaths everyday worldwide. There are times that the wind can be very personal and simultaneously, we have global winds from every direction that God trusts us to confront  together; to transform unjust situations. 

For me, this Gospel is an invitation to focus on Jesus, to believe that we are called to trust, even when the strongest winds threaten the sacredness of this invitation to believe that we will never be abandoned; whether we struggle with personal crisis or the inhumanity of injustices that permeate our world.      


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