Gospel Reflections

2nd Sunday of Lent

Luke 9:28B-36

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Edithann Kane

Published: March 17, 2019

Looking at the gospel story of Transfiguration quite literally, I found myself wondering just what Jesus was discussing with Moses and Elijah.   Were they helping him to understand what was going on as he found himself attracting crowds of followers and maligners?   Where they urging him to remember all God’s saving action throughout the Hebrew Scriptures as a way to strengthen him for what lay ahead?

I find myself wondering how this was for Jesus.  Did it give him encouragement? Did it help him put events into perspective, to understand a little better what was going on?

Sister Claire Foley’s funeral had concluded earlier in the day when I began these reflections and you will see how that influenced their direction.

What would it be like if people like Claire Foley, and so many other strong and gentle women who have gone before us,  could come to us out of the clouds we sometimes experience, and help us understand what is going on.  On the one hand, we know that we are praised for the many good and courageous works that have marked the congregation through the years.  We also know that in some countries many lament that there aren’t lots of new SND’s coming behind us.  And then we wonder what the future holds.  Can we believe that it will ultimately be resurrection?

At the celebration of our congregational feast, several of us were talking about how, as we are fewer in number, we are drawing closer.  As Sister Mary Pellegrino said in her LCWR address in 2017, it is time to focus not on diminishment but on communion.  I believe that the “great cloud of [SNDdeN] witnesses” would echo her words.  In the end, our mission of proclaiming the Good News, especially to the poor and marginalized, is all about communion…communion with one another and fostering communion wherever we are.

As Jesus was facing a future that would bring his very short ministry to an end, did he have any sense as he came down from the mountain of transfiguration that those who would believe in him would carry his message far beyond Galilee, in fact, into the whole world. That his mission would not come to an end, but would continue in those whose lives were touched by him and, through them, to innumerable others. Can we believe that about our mission?  That because of who we are and who we have been the charism and mission which Julie gave to us will never be lost?

Let’s pray together that remembering those gone before us, we will let today’s realities strengthen our communion, our belief in the life we live, and our hope that the future will be filled with God’s goodness.  And may love be the driving force of all we do and say.

Who speaks to you “out of the cloud”?

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