Gospel Reflections

7th Sunday of Easter

John 17:11-19

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Virginia Egwuchukwu

Published: May 13, 2018

Read John 17:11-19

Lifting up his eyes to heaven, Jesus prayed saying: "Holy Father, keep them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one... Read More…

Every family on earth is safe from attacks by enemies as a guardian protects it against negative influences from both inside and outside. Any problems that may arise from day to day activities are treated through the use of proverbs, dialogue and sharing of life’s experiences. Emphasis is placed on the importance that the members stay together, no matter what happens. The family members are challenged to stay together. It becomes a guiding force influencing the people to be one. Jesus called his apostles to this oneness.

In the Gospel of St. John, we hear the priestly prayer of Christ, and how he desired oneness of all his followers, from the apostles to the least of his members who would later believe in him as their savior. He begs the Father to keep his followers true to his holy name as he, Jesus keeps those called true to his Father’s Holy Name. He and the Father are one.

 Oneness Taught by Jesus Christ 

*United with one another, Jesus’ followers must do things with one mind and heart with a clear understanding of living and working together as life- giving to each of them. When there is no life in them, they cannot give life to others or neither will they achieve much. Jesus knew he would not stay too long with his apostles.  They would be the people to bring God’s Kingdom on earth through their lives and work.  Jesus knew the time would come when their unity with one another would be their strength and encouragement.  Their acceptance of one another would be a solution to the challenges of carrying out their apostolate. 

* Taking Jesus as an example for the mission is the model of life, giving encouragement in the mission.  The way he leads them is a lesson to each one of them.  His admonitions to them are important to keep in mind in their difficulties.

*Doing the will of the Father in Heaven is what Jesus teaches.  Ambition is not to be found among the followers of Christ. They should have one desire, God’s glory, not any self-glory.

*Being loving followers and makers of peace by living peacefully with everyone and loving all persons.  In such an atmosphere, the abiding Spirit of God will remind them about who they are and are becoming.

*Being forgiving is a mark of a faithful follower of Christ.  In the give and take of Christian life, as the person whom they are following, Jesus’ followers forgive enemies and pray for forgiveness. St. Paul tells us that Christ has reconciled us to God and now the work of reconciliation belongs to us for the sake of the Kingdom.

*Using dialogue clears up misunderstanding.  Dialogue is the key to resolve complicated situations for the sake of the mission.  Jesus uses dialogue with his apostles to teach them how they should relate to one another. The followers of Jesus value dialogue in their relationships. 

CONCLUSION  Jesus knew that his disciples and future followers would take up the work for the Kingdom.  Unity was the best grounding against any evil influences. Jesus prayed to his Father who is Almighty to take care of their lives and circumstances. We may make mistakes in living up to the expectations of Jesus’ demands for his followers.  We do our best and leave the rest to God.


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