Gospel Reflections

24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

John 14:23-26

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Priscilla Aliu

Published: May 26, 2019

The words of Jesus in this gospel passage are empowering, consoling and reassuring. He tells his disciples to love him and keep his words so that they will become the dwelling place of his father and himself. Jesus also promises his disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit who will reiterate his words in them. He further asks his disciples to be calm and not to let their hearts be troubled or afraid for his presence and that of his father in heaven will strengthen them.
Jesus alludes to his heavenly father in everything he says in this gospel. This is because wants his disciples to know the place of the Father in the story of our salvation. Once they understand this, they will come to know how close God the Father really is to them too. Jesus likewise emphasizes to them the place of the Advocate as the teacher and witness to him.

It is important for Jesus to bring in the Trinity in these few verses of the gospel reading. Remember, John 14 is the beginning of the Last Super Discourse. Jesus felt the need to empty his heart to the disciples about all they needed to know about him and his mission before his death. These passages directly follow the question Judas, not the Iscariot asked him, “Master, what happened that you will reveal yourself to us and not to the world?” Jesus knows that the world does not love him and would not keep his word that is why he was more concerned about the ones he has won to himself through the grace of his father: his disciples.

We are the disciples of Jesus in today’s world. Judas’ question and Jesus’ response are just as relevant, if not more, in our in our present reality.  He knows that left on our own we would become adamant like the rest of the world. We would go astray and loose the most precious gift of his redemption in our lives. Hence, he tells us as he told his disciples long ago, to pay attention to what we do with our lives and to listen to the wisdom of the Trinity guiding us to life. We would always have a place in God’s house as his disciples. No matter how the times may be hard for us, his spirit is with us to the end of time. This is precisely his message, that we have a home in him on this earth and in the heavens. A home of love, peace and great hospitality from the God who made us. It is the sole desire of Jesus that every one of us keys into this wellbeing of God’s world.

 If we love Jesus and do as he tells us, we will be happy because the Holy presence of the Trinity will reside in our hearts and there will be no need for us to fear the troubles of the world because the strength Trinity will safeguard our weakness. This means we are not only carried by the strength of Jesus but with that of the Father and the Holy Spirit combined. What mighty strength we have in Jesus. King David burst out in praise of this in Psalm 18:2-3, “I love you, Lord my strength, Lord, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my God, my rock of refuge, my shield, my saving horn, my stronghold…”

The love of God calls us to be bold in proclaiming his goodness in our time. So many people are in need of our witness to God’s love and fidelity. Our courage to live out our Catholic Faith in our neighborhood, workplace, public life, ministries and communities could be the saving grace for the desperate and depressed around us.
On this Six Sunday of Easter, let us ask God to renew his love, words, faith and truth in our hearts with his assurance that his presence lives in each of us.

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