Gospel Reflections

Feast of Corpus Christi

John 6:51-58

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Sandra Arajo Santos

Published: June 18, 2017

Read John 6:51-58

Jesus said to the crowds: "I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will... Read More…


I am the Bread of life that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread, will have eternal life.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks of his mission to feed, to nourish; nourish so that we may grow, nourished in God.

When we eat, food becomes an integral part of our physical body and is no longer food; there is, however, the effect of that food’s action in us. The food makes us stronger and more nourished so that we may perform our actions more fully.

In this reading, Jesus proclaims himself food, so that we may have life in abundance. I understand that to join the mission of life of Jesus is to let Him become part of our being so completely that our actions are not merely the fruit of our human goodness, but that our being in this world is in fact the concrete continuation of His mission.

And what is this life mission of Jesus?

Only by reading, meditating and letting the Gospel speak of Him, can we help Him escape the dead pages of a book and become life in us. Then we will discover Him, and live in Him and with Him.  

A person who eats the body of Jesus will live a life that promotes freedom, will break through a world closed in on self and will reach out to people and lives in need. 

To eat the body of Jesus is to be like a sower of seeds, so full of love that the seeds cannot be contained and explode throughout the world, giving life and nourishing dreams.

So then, to speak of the Body of Christ is not to speak of a piece of consecrated bread adored in a little box!  It is to speak of real life, liberating action, food that nourishes the hungry, the prostitute, the young person lost in crime, the abused woman, the farm worker expelled from his land, the multitudes of migrants and immigrants in flight from the violence of their countries.

This is why Jesus gives Himself as food and drink, living Memory and Action.

I want to share with you, the fruit of a meditation that I made in 2011 on the Feast of Corpus Cristi.    

Body given to console those who weep.  To encourage those who fear.

Body given to protect the persecuted.   

Body - a meal for those who hunger for justice.

His body, our body.

He who gives without measure, who has no hidden agenda.

His time is always the urgencies of life, the cries of those suffering oppression. 

Body, never dead, but alive and giving life.

Your Body, Your Blood – Our life so that we may be ONE, ever unique.

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