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Canonization of St Julie

Matthew 7:15-20

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Godelieve Ziunga

Published: June 22, 2016

Read Matthew 7:15-20

Jesus said to his disciples:“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,but underneath are ravenous wolves.By their fruits you will know them.Do... Read More…

Today, June 22, 2016, we celebrate the anniversary of the canonization of the Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Saint Julie Billiart.  It has been 47 years since Pope Paul VI proclaimed Mère Julie a saint of the universal Church.  This is a day of appreciation and thanksgiving as we recognize the goodness of God through the life of Saint Julie.

Today’s Gospel speaks of the tree and its fruit. In our world, for the benefit of humans, God creates many kinds of trees. Among these there are those which produce fruit, and others which do not. We need to know if particular fruits are edible, that is to say, if they are good for human consumption. Christ tells us that only edible fruits are good for humans, because they contribute to our growth. We know a tree by its fruits since; each tree is known in this way. A good tree produces only good fruit and a bad tree, bad fruit. The tree which produces bad fruit serves only to provide shade and air for humans.  

What is our Savior telling us in this passage? Is the Lord telling us that a good person does not do evil deeds? Is this true? A good person may from time to time be annoyed, etc.  But then, when he is sorry, he remains good because the good person keeps a treasure in his heart. An evil person does not perform good acts because he draws evil from what is in his heart. The mouth speaks what is in the heart. Christ invites us to do what is good.  We should reflect and discern so as to know if what we intend to do is good or bad and what the consequences will be for others.

We must listen attentively to the Gospel message to know what God is communicating to us, because God wants only our happiness. But God knows what a person is capable of because the human heart is complex and can tend toward evil. It is Christ alone who transforms the human heart. 

Through the example of Saint Julie, let us ask the grace of fidelity, love and discernment so that we may be among those who accomplish the will of God.  

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