Gospel Reflections

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

John 16:12-15

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Mary O'Brien

Published: June 16, 2019

 A week ago we celebrated the feast of Pentecost – the realization of the gifts of the Spirit.  Now in today’s Gospel we hear, “Jesus said to his disciples: I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now.”  In joy we come to the living of our lives in the light of the Spirit, continuing to know our being blessed and that we must seek to grow into those things that are “too much for now”.

The first reading describes the world which has been given to us in all its glory so that we may set out to cherish it and cause everyone and everything to flourish.  In the Psalm we praise God for all that we have been given and for the greatness of humanity: “How great is your name, O Lord our God.”  The reading from Romans then brings us down to earth and to the reality of life – joy and suffering with the gifts of hope and patience to enable us to grow in the love of God.  

But the Gospel brings all this joy and hope to the point at which we can begin to see that there is so much more and that, until we reach Heaven, we will never totally know the whole of the greatness of God’s love for each one of us. Then in Heaven we will know all that God is and everything that the love of God has brought to us.

Our goal is to reach God, to come to the place described by the poet Henry Vaughan: “I saw eternity the other night, an great Ring of pure and endless light..”.  We can all appreciate the least of God’s plants and creatures – by noticing their beauty and their contribution to the earth.  This we can do anywhere.  Have you ever noticed that even in the midst of a city there are small plants growing in tiny crevices amongst the stones.  Given the first reading for the day we might make a resolution to see where, in our lives, we can look after this creation which is so freely given to us. In doing that we can become more ready to receive ‘the complete truth’ of the Gospel.


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