Gospel Reflections

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 16:1-13

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Godlieve Ziunga

Published: September 21, 2019

On this 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Gospel which is presented to us invites to review the manner in which we manage material goods, that is, the things which are put at our disposal.
In one way or another everyone has goods to manage because God has put humans in charge of everything which has been created.  It is people who are in charge of all this and God gives them the freedom to govern, to manage.  
Today by means of this Gospel the emphasis is placed on mishandling money.  Money in itself is not evil; it allows one to carry out projects which contribute to the development of people.  It also allows a person to lead a worthwhile life and help those who are in need.  

 By means of this glimpse at the Gospel, we are invited to an examination of conscience as individuals and as groups.  We might ask ourselves: what is our relationship to money and material goods?  How can we preserve ourselves from the spirit of the world denounced by Pope Francis?  How can we be wise about the use of these things as we reflect on the example of Christ? of St. Paul?  

Indeed, there are no ready-made answers.  It is up to us to choose concrete ways while giving priority to the things which last and not to those which only last for a time.

In conclusion, the recommendation of Jesus is strong and he states it without ambiguity.  No one can serve two masters: he will hate the one and love the other, or he will cling to the one and despise the other.  He adds that one cannot serve both God and money.  

We cannot be indifferent about money, but make good use of it.  

Let us ask the Spirit of God to guide us and help us not to focus too much to money, but rather treat it as a means of helping others to live a worthwhile life. And may we also be good managers in the Spirit of Christ.  Amen.


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