Gospel Reflections

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 16:21-27

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Anne Louise Nadeau

Published: September 03, 2017

Read Matthew 16:21-27

Jesus began to show his disciplesthat he must go to Jerusalem and suffer greatlyfrom the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes,and be killed and... Read More…

In all ways and always, God calls, beckons, entices, lures, and invites, yet we are left free to respond to this unforced rhythms of Grace that weaves its way in all aspects of our lives.

In today’s readings, Jeremiah ‘blames’ God for fooling/duping him and the invitation, was for him a fire in his heart, consuming his bones, and when the heat inside was too much for him to endure…Jeremiah proclaims truth to power at the risk of his own life.

In the Romans reading, Paul invites the reader to be transformed from the inside out in order to discern what God is wanting from us.  In short, embrace what life presents you with and you will be pleasing to the Holy One.

In the Gospel, Peter expects high drama and wants to be the hero, instead, Jesus has a not-so-polite way of reminding Peter that he has no idea how God is working in his life.  Implied in ‘take up your cross’ is embrace the joy along with the frustration, the compassion with the boredom, the excitement with the loneliness, the mercy with the pain, the wonderful memories along with the hurtful ones, and the humor coupled with the impatience that is part of every life. In short, get on with living.  If we accept, live and grow from the realities that daily present themselves to us, we will thrive.

The rhythms of grace are the ordinary moments of daily life, yet they are not forced upon us.  When we accept and embrace them, we become holy women and men, or we pass them by looking for something more extraordinary and  flashier…while grace continues to wait.




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