Gospel Reflections

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Matthew 21:28-32

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Marion Cotty

Published: October 01, 2017

Today’s gospel is about doing God’s will, not just knowing it, but doing it. It speaks about the virtue of obedience we owe to God.

Jesus addresses the chief priests and elders of the people by telling the story of a man and two sons ordered to go to work in the vineyard. The man addresses the first son he comes upon and says, “Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.” The first one responds, “I will not.”  But then, upon reflection, changes his mind and goes. He gives the same order to the second son who answers “Yes, sir,” but doesn’t go. Then Jesus poses the question to his audience of which son did the father’s will and gets the obvious answer of course: “The first.” Then Jesus goes on to praise the tax collectors and prostitutes who are entering the kingdom of God before them because of their belief in God while his listeners were rejecting even John and his preaching of righteousness.

The vineyard is there every day. It doesn’t go away. When we awaken, to whom or to what is God calling us? How shall we share our faith and God’s love?  The Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit accompany us. With their gifts of faith, hope, and love, we the baptized, do not go into the vineyard alone.

Gospel Song: “Lead Me”  

Lead me, lead me, along the way

 Lord, if you lead me, I will not stray  

Lord, let me walk each day with thee  

Lead me, O Lord, lead me.


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