Notre Dame Virtual School

KristenThe Notre Dame Virtual School was envisioned in 2001 and began with seven schools and 40 students in the United States and Britain. The goal of NDVS is to link electronically Notre Dame schools and ministries around the world in order to share their missions and their educational resources. Within four years, the school’s membership doubled. Now NDVS has schools from Belgium, Japan, and Nigeria as well as the original schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (U.S.) and Britain.

The future goal for NDVS is to strengthen the links among the educational ministries around the world and to expand the number of schools and students involved and served. This year NDVS is providing online resources for the Sisters of Notre Dame African Photovoltaic Project. Students will be educated about the photovoltaic project and learn more about the resource of water as well as to contribute to the program.

To learn more about this exciting innovation in education, visit the school’s website: