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Our Congregation At-A-Glance

The Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) was founded by Julie Billiart and Françoise Blin de Bourdon in France in 1804 in the midst of the religious, social and political upheaval of the French Revolution. Their love of the good God and their friendship inspire Sisters today to make known also in our time, as St. Julie and Françoise did in theirs, that God is good.

We are women in relationship with God, each other, and people in many cultures.  We commit ourselves  …

  • to stand with those living in poverty, especially women and children,
  • to celebrate the gifts of many cultures,
  • to educate for justice in our ministries, and
  • to support one another in a simple, communal and prayerful life.

We are women of vision. We are unafraid of taking risks, to make credible the Gospel of Jesus today.

We collaborate in ministry with our co-workers, nationally and internationally, in efforts to assist people who are under-served. We minister as teachers, counselors, social workers, religious education directors, health care workers, lawyers, pastoral counselors and community organizers.

Other programs include Notre Dame Associates (lay association) and Notre Dame Mission Volunteers (longer term volunteer program).

How do I know I am called?

Considering religious life as a life-choice involves a process of prayer, reflection, conversation and listening.

As you think about a possible life-choice for religious life, we ask you to pray reflectively on God’s call to you personally. We invite you to dialogue with us about your call and our Notre Dame way of living and serving. Click on Information Request below to contact our Sisters near you. Then, begin a dialogue to consider becoming a woman religious. When you are ready to take a first step, we will be able to help you move into a formal discernment process.

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