Lent 2020

Jan 26, 2020 | News & Events

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2020 LentenPoster FINAL Use this one 2You can change the World!

We used these words before, and we use them again this year. Words lead to action; Actions lead to change; Change stirs hope, and Hope will encourage all of us to embrace new life.  This is what LENT is really all about.

YES, LENT is change and will give new life and hope.  It also means that we all have to GIVE something!

Sometimes the GIVE means- to give up;
Sometimes the GIVE means- to give away;
Sometime the GIVE means- give of yourself.

Any and all GIVING helps change the world.
Join us during these 40 days of Lent. Read about children and their giving (giving away, giving up, giving of themselves) as they effect change in the world.

The Psalms of Lent will encourage you to the steps Jesus took as he gathered his disciples to follow him; promising God’s companionship. Visit our Website at interactivep76.sg-host.com to read the stories.

They are inspiring! Some stories you have heard before, some are new.  All of them make a world of difference.

Unfold this letter to reveal the calendar for Lent. Track your journey/your family’s journey through Lent and the changes that make a difference.

Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving take on different meaning when how you act and respond to the world’s needs make a difference.

I invite you to direct your time, talent and/or treasure, to a local charity, foodbank or agency doing good locally or globally. I will certainly welcome your support for the ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Your support and generosity do truly make all the difference in the world!

Read what one person can do and how it changes the world.

God bless us all, as we journey together this Lent and Holy Week to emerge on Easter in the glorious presence of the Risen Christ.

Leonore Coan Signautre

Sister Leonore Coan, SNDdeN
Director of Mission Support





Additional Resources are available interactivep76.sg-host.com/spirituality/lent-2020