LENT 2022: Care Of Our Common Home

Feb 28, 2022 | News & Events

Care of Our Common Home!

Dear Friends,

Do you feel like your world is changing before your very eyes? It is! Sometimes …too much water? – Too little water! Too warm or freezing temperatures; disappearing shorelines. Our world is changing before our very eyes as well as across our world. HOWEVER, together, we can do something about it! The signs are all around us. Signs are a wink from God for us to pay attention.

As we begin the season of Lent on March 2, let us direct our actions and activity to make a difference for our environment and ourselves. Over the past 5 years, Pope Francis has invited us to pay attention to Earth and its life and need. Care for our Common Home (Laudato Si’) invites us to recognize our interdependence with creation, our reliance on each other for a healthy and unfolding environment by generating sustainability.

Human interaction, greed and careless behavior over the centuries has yielded corruption, misuse and devastation rather than the flourishing beauty of life, through care for the earth, protection of safe habitats and the promotion of a healthy atmosphere. We need to redirect our behaviors and involvements to nourish a healthy and flourishing world proclaiming goodness and encouraging growth for all, while preparing a legacy for all who come after us.

Country representatives working together through the General Assembly of the UN have given us a blueprint of growth with the 17 sustainable goals as guides and pathways to sustainability. Join with the Sisters of Notre Dame this Lent to take the small steps of life toward a healthy and life-oriented earth.

The call of the Church to Pray, Fast and Give Alms accompany us as signposts this Lent, to engage us in support of Earth’s need of sustainable life. Live each day of Lent (open this pamphlet for the calendar) knowing you have responded to the call to nourish the earth and each other. Together on the journey,

Sister Leonore Coan, SNDdeN

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