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4 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur tell their survival stories

Gail DeGeorge, editor of an online article in the Global Sisters Report (GSR) for the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) for World Peace Day, features 5 Sisters who survived Hiroshima bombing.

Notre Dame de Namur Sisters Agnes Eleanor Hirota, Anna Cecilia Sakimura, Lucia Joseph Aratani and Estelle Kazuko Takabayashi tell their stories in "On World Day of Peace, stories of sisters who survived Hiroshima bombing.

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From left to right, Sr. Agnes Eleanor Kazuko Hirota, Sr. Anna Cecilia Yukie Sakimura, Sr. Lucia Joseph Akie Aratani, Sr. Estelle Kazuko Takabayashi, all Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, and Sr. Maria Teruka Onojima, a member of the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls. (GSR photos / Gail DeGeorge)