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Romaria, 2015

Romaria (Pilgrimage) 2015 celebrates the 10th anniversary of Sr. Dorothy Stang's matrydom. From July 23-26, 2015 groups of about 50 to 250 people will walk 34 miles from the St. Raphael Center (Anapu, Para, Brazil) to the Project of Sustainable Development, Esperança (Para, Brazil).

From our News and Events Archive: An Invitation to Romaria da Foresta in Anapu, Para, Brazil.

Sr. Jane Dwyer, SNDdeN says the Romaria or the Pilgrimage of the Forest is an act of faith.

(This clip is from Darien Lamen's Video: Caminhando e Cantando (16:50) featured on YouTube. Used with permission from Darien Lamen, July 14, )