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Dear Friends,

Lent is the time in the Church’s year when Christians are called to begin a journey marked by forty-days of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Will you join me in our Lenten journey this year? Will you join our Sisters in changing lives through our 2014 Lenten Sustainable Food Awareness Campaign?

Pope Francis calls the hunger issue of our world, “the scandal of hunger.” Please visit for stories and information on our world food reality. Read the stories here about our Sisters and their ministries in schools and community development projects around the world. Meet the children and their families whose lives of poverty are changed because of YOU.

May our journey this Lent lead us to a new sense of the gift of life and a better understanding of God’s love for us and for all His people.

Gratefully in Notre Dame,



Sister Leonore Coan, SNDdeN

Director of Mission Support

What is Lent?

Lent for Christians, is traditionally a forty-day period of preparation for Easter. It is a time when we deepen our relationships with God, ourselves and our brothers and sisters in Christ through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. It is an individual and a communal journey which brings us closer together as followers of Christ.

Just click on the links below to begin your journey!

Ash Wednesday
Week One 2014
Week Two 2014
Week Three 2014
Week Four 2014
Week Five 2014
Holy Week 2014

Printable Materials

Poster (11 x 17) with reflections

Prayer cards: 8 per page

Resource: Hunger Facts & Myths

Container labels:  2 per page or 10 per page