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Lifelong Educators: Advance the Mission

By Pam Reidy, Director of Mission and Communication: Notre Dame Health Care Center

St. Julie Billiart’s mission to educate for life is alive in the workplace at Notre Dame Health Care Center (NDHCC) in Worcester, MA. For the past ten years, more than 3,000 students have been educated in life and work skills. In 2004, collaborating with Katherine Lemay, current Chief Executive Officer of NDHCC, the Leadership Teams of the Boston, Connecticut and Ipswich Provinces (as corporate members of NHCCC), founded and named Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center (NDEBC). They envisioned a lasting culture of learning and growth for health care and nursing personnel, assisted by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in the resident community and within the long-term care community.

Unique Program

Today, through educational programming, NDEBC provides quality courses on a realistic schedule for long-term care workers at our ND Center and at ten nursing care facilities in the Worcester area. Many students are immigrants from Africa and Latin America. Most work multiple jobs to support their families. Our education center reaches out to provide critical support to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.The program is unique and amazing through the tutoring or teaching of the Sisters who work or resideat the Notre Dame Centers.

 Experienced, lifelong teachers. Some Sisters live in the community with laity at this Assisted Living facility, which they lovingly call “the Lake” (named Notre Dame du Lac, for the property’s early origins near Lake Quinsigamond). Currently, thirteen Sisters are involved at NDEBC: five serve in various ways in the health care programs and eight are residents at the Assisted Living facility. These Sisters tutor or teach at the education center.

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