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Notre Dame Institute, Thuin, Belgium
Celebrates 200th Anniversary


In November 2017, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) joined the celebration at Notre Dame Institute in Thuin, founded in 1817. Sister Suzanne DeMeersman, Province Moderator, addressed the assembly of governors, directors, administrators and staff on the 200th anniversary of the school. She praised those assembled at the celebration for their fidelity to the Notre Dame traditions and their service in education for young people. She reminded the assembled body that our “good God” has accompanied us in the past, in glory, joy, pain, suffering and hard work and that our “good God” now accompanies all of them today in the same circumstances.

Suzanne DeMersmannIn her address, Sr. Suzanne encouraged the personnel to continue this ongoing relationship in celebrating our foundresses and congregational anniversaries, for over forty years now. She thanked them also for their participation for more than 10 years in the Notre Dame Association of Congregational Schools (ASSOEC), inspired by the French speaking Congregations of educators in Belgium. She remarked that ASSOEC is solidly linked to the SNDdeN Office of Sponsored Ministries in the United States.

Participation in Networking
Sr. Suzanne explained the importance of Notre Dame international networking. Each year, Sisters in Europe and the United States offer workshops, retreats and conferences of several days for directors, principals, administrators, and students, on the Notre Dame history, philosophy and charism. Sr. Suzanne thanked this school personnel for their participation in this networking and for their commitment to serve young people in Thuin.

Source: Volume IV, Number 1 of Notre Dame International, April 2018