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Congolese Sisters Share Spotlight at U.N.

In early February, Congolese Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Claudine Dumbi and Lucie Kima traveled eight-thousand miles to deliver a joint presentation at the United Nations. Their message? That the Sisters' African Photovoltaic Project is transforming primitive, impoverished villages into healthier, more hopeful communities. Improvements as a result of this initiative have made entire communities better able to participate in 21st-century commerce and communication.

The project, established in a remote Congolese village in 2008, is operational at six sites in Nigeria and Congo. With the resulting solar-powered energy, all of these sites have access to electricity, clean water and the world wide web.

The Sisters' African Photovoltaic Project is a significant step forward in attaining the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

To promote understanding of this vast undertaking, the Sisters have designed online teaching tools for classroom and independent use.