Our Common Home is suffering!

Aug 18, 2021 | News & Events

    Our Common Home is suffering!

Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Landslides, Tornados,
Tsunamis, and other weather-related disasters are
more frequent and DEVASTATING!

Because Earth is our “common home,” we reach
out to each other with compassion and empathy for
all who are grieving and mourning loss of family
members, friends, property, and homeland.

Our Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Mission
Volunteers serve among the people living in
extreme poverty in Haiti. 

Let us PRAY each day for all inhabitants of the
country of Haiti!  Amen.


FLEMISH: Our Common Home (NL)
FRENCH:Notre maison commune FRN
JAPANESE: Our Common Home is suffering JA
PORTUGUESE: Nossa Casa Em Comum Está Sofrendo PORT edited
SPANISH: Nuestra Casa Común está sufriendo SPN